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Financial Planning 

Plan big, dream bigger.

Designing your future

Finances touch every area of your life. From savings, investments, retirement, taxes, insurance, housing, healthcare, and more—it takes a clear blueprint to balance today’s needs with tomorrow’s goals.

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Summit Model

Summit Model

Our Summit service model is a comprehensive financial plan designed around your needs, wants, and wishes. There are as many different ways to enjoy what you’ve built – and to pass it along – as there are potential missteps that can cripple your dreams. That’s why you need a plan – one that protects your life’s work, given your goals and objectives.

Key pieces to a sound financial plan

Building wealth doesn't have to be hard, but it does take time and careful planning. That’s where a financial professional comes in. A financial professional can take a 360° view of your financial picture, evaluate your personal situation and outlook, and work with you to develop a sound, actionable plan that helps put you on the path toward achieving your dreams.

Smart Investing

Using time-tested, proven investment
principles along with the latest market
insights and digital technology, we assist you in identifying your investment goals,
establishing your risk tolerance, managing your portfolio, and making adjustments as needed.

Retirement Planning

 Whether you’re many years away from retiring or almost there, we’ll look at your current financial situation and guide you on reaching your image of success. We’ll also work with you on strategies designed to protect your income and make it last throughout retirement.

Health & Long-Term Care

Retirement is a time to relax and celebrate life. It’s also when people experience more health issues. Health and long-term care costs are often overlooked when planning for the future, but they can drain your savings. We’ll help you reduce the effects of these expenses on your hard-earned nest egg.

Estate Planning

Estate taxes can significantly shrink the size of your estate. Together, we’ll focus on shielding your assets through estate tax reduction, tax payment techniques, transfer of property, and custom-designed wills and trusts that will leave an enduring legacy for your loved ones.

Free no obligation consultation

We invite you to schedule a free consultation with us, which we call the "Discovery Meeting". During the discovery meeting, we'll take a preliminary look at your financial picture, discuss any holes in your retirement plan and most importantly, make sure that we have a basis for working together while providing value to you. 

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Goal Planner

Our goal planner tool provides us the ability to plan for multiple scenarios to meet your goals -- putting you in control of your retirement journey. 

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Decision Center

Live on the fly results by switching on and off any scenario to quickly see how it impacts your plan. 

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Account access in one place

If you've ever wished to view all of your assets in one place, we have the perfect solution. Each plan includes a personal website access to e-Money where you can link and view all of your accounts. 

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